How I analyze my opponent

Whenever I step onto the court – I am ready to play. I know what style of match I want to play and what kinds of mistakes I need to avoid. The next step is to analyze my opponent across the net to determine their weaknesses and strength and make adjustments accordingly. Here it goes:

1. Does my opponent prefer a high or low ground stroke contact point?

I give them the opposite.

2. Is my opponent slower moving side to side or front to back?

I challenge them to move.

3. Does my opponent prefer the baseline or net?

I force them to the area they aren’t comfortable in.

4. Does my opponent have a weaker forehand or backhand?

I exploit their weakness.

5. Does my opponent prefer fast or slow paced shots?

I mix up speeds to keep them out of rhythm.

6. Does my opponent handle pressure well?

I look for my opponent to crack mentally or emotionally and capitalize on their lack of focus.

Asking yourself these questions will expose your opponents weakness and increase your chances of winning. You should come with a game plan but be ready to adjust based on what you see across the net. Just remember to stay focused on your game plan and keep a level head.




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