5 Most Common Playing Styles in Tennis (And how to beat them)

Check out this #TennisTipTuesday. We have all heard about different playing “styles” and here are a couple of the most common playing styles out there and most importantly how to beat them!

  1. Consistent Baseliner (or Pusher)

    This style of players likes to relentlessly get the ball back. They excel in consistency and defensive shots that wear down opponents. Often called “pushers” because they commonly hit the ball back with almost no pace. A common strategy to beat pushers would be to attack the net and create pressure for you opponent. This will also end the point quickly saving you from suffering long, agonizing points.

  2. Aggressive Baseliner

    This style of player has consistency but also has developed a big weapon in the form of a forehand or backhand. They excel in maximize the use of their weapon by moving around the ball and setting up points. A common strategy to beat an aggressive baseline would be to focus on isolating their weaker shot. If they have a strong forehand, make sure to keep it to their backhand only. You can also bring them to the net and test out their volleys.

  3. Volley Finisher

    This style of player uses solid ground strokes to put his opponents on defense, and moves into the net for an easy volley finish. They excel in court movement, hitting approach shots and putting away volleys. A common strategy for beating a volley finisher is to keep your ground strokes deep in the court. This will minimize their chances to attack the net. Another strategy would be to employ a defensive lob deep in the court each time they come to the net.

  4. Net Rusher

    This style of players prefers the volley over ground strokes. They attack the net at their first chance in order to put pressure on the opponent and finish the point quickly. They excel in volleys and overheads, usually the serve as well. Similar to number 3, a common strategy against a net rusher is to keep your groundstrokes deep to minimize their chance to approach. Since they like to rush the net any time they can they can’t always hit a solid approach shot. Passing a net rusher a few times might make them think twice about their strategy.

  5. All-Court Players

    This style of player is equally proficient with ground strokes and volleys. They excel in all areas of the court. This style of player is difficult to beat because it can seem as though they do not have a weakness. One common strategy would be to try and mix up your shot selection as much as possible to keep them from finding a rhythm. If that doesn’t work try channeling Roger Federer and see if that helps.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you like this and want more! I will be back next #TennisTipTuesday.

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